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We are an Oregon non-profit formed to help those interested in robots. Our monthly meetings are open to the public. Everyone is welcome.

The PARTS group is a lively forum for public interchange on robotics; anyone is welcome to join the group. However, we will be migrating a lot of our online presence to our new colaborative web space -- part blog and part wiki:

Whether online or in person, we offer an active group of people building robots who are willing to help out anyone who also wants to learn about and build robots.



国产高清-国产avMeetings are the first Saturday of each month at 10:30 am, room FAB-150, Portland State Univ (SW 4th Ave & College St.)

Directions to FAB-150:
It appears that the Engineering Building door (which we have used to enter the building) will now be locked on Saturdays. So, at this point, we will be using a different entrance. Enter the Fourth Avenue Building via a door on Harrison between 4th and 3rd.Someone will be there at 10:30AM to let people in.This entrance is very near to the meeting room (go down the hall to elevator or stairs and go up one level).If you are running late, you can call or text (there will be a sign on the door with the phone number) and someone will come down to let you in.Please try to be on time.

Rules for the indoor challenge: Rules

Upcoming Project Meetings

Time: Monday, 7:00pm
Location: PSU LIDDownstairs in the PSU Engineering Building (Room FAB84-20)
EPL phone number: (503) 725-2879 if you need directions on Monday night.

The group meetings are every second and fourth Monday of each month.At this point, we are working on individual projects and also on a group project to design an intelligent hobby servo.