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Please note, that the images, logos, and respected artworks, are property of the original copyright owners. TK560 has no affiliation with any of the intellectual property owners. This is a fan site dealing with movie and television replica props, original GIjOE action figures, World War II memorabilia, and marksmanship/ firearms interests. Most of the images used on this site are photographed by the site owners. Official logos are used to identify specific products/ manufacturers.

Build your own prop replicas
On this site you can find how-to guides for making your own movie props, and costume replicas. Plus a few surprises

Updates,and News
[Update 11-8-2018]

Well I have gone and done it. I made a decision to join the modern era, and I'm now able to 3D design and print objects. My first efforts is my new version of my Bandoleer Greeblies, and the next item will be a new Bunker Buster AKA Proton Grenade, so stay tuned! I am also working on some Jeep parts, a few new helmets to fill in my collection and even a full size 3D printed R2 unit. If you need something 3D printed, let me know, and I bet I can help you out.

Bandoleer 3D

Updates,and News
[Update 7-27-18]

A big "Thank you!" to everyone for your support. Currently, I am having some supply issues thats causing some delays getting orders out. So if you have ordered from me in the last month or so, please be patient, I am working on your orders as fast as I can.

In the meantime, please visit some of the links on this sidebar. They help support this fan site. Thanks again!

Updates,and News
[Update 11-8-2017]

What a crazy Summer. I've been working on the largest prop replica ever. A Jurassic Park Jeep! Still tweaking it, but for now here is a build log.

After a long time looking for a Ramsey REP6000 winch, that was used on the movie Jeeps, I decided to just make a static replica.
Replica Winch

Replia WInch installed

Lots of other projects too! I now have a small 3D printer, and I've been learning some things about 3d printing. I have some new molds I used the 3d printer to create the patterns from. New Bandoleer greeblies, and new x-wing rocker switches.

Updates,and News
[Update 1-20-2017]

It's been a while since I last updated the page. Yes, I'm still alive and kicking, Due to so many requests during that time, I've decided I'm dusting off the old E-11 /L2A3 Sterling kit, and even putting together some new stuff so stay tuned. My Commando Blaster molds, out of stock,again. As funds permit, I'll be reworking them and the Bunker Buster kit and the I even have a few surprises...lets just say, a heavy project in the works. Email me for details.

Updates,and News
[Update 4-5-2016]

It's been a while since I last updated the page. Yes, I'm still alive and kicking, just life has been a bit busy as of late, and I've finally just gotten back into the studio after several years on hiatus. Due to so many requests during that time, I've decided I'm dusting off the old E-11 /L2A3 Sterling kit, and even putting together some new stuff so stay tuned. I Just redid my Commando Blaster molds, and can now offer a very limited run of these again. As funds permit, I'll be reworking the Bunker Buster kit and the I even have a few surprises...lets just say, a heavy project in the works. Email me for details.

Updates,and News
[Update 9-25-2014]

I'm still using this page! I have been trying out Google's Blogger. Click here to visit the the new Update Page. All updates are over there now. I'm ot realy happy with that site, so for now I'm not doing much over there either.

Updates,and News
[Update 6-June-2011]

I'm still using this page! I have been trying out Google's Blogger. Click here to visit the the new Update Page. All updates are over there now.

Updates,and News
[Update 7-June-2010]

To simplify the updates on this page, I am starting to use a blog format. Blogger to be specific. I'm trying to migrate some things now, but to preview the blog, check it out : click here I hope to have all the migration done this summer. The net result will be more frequent updates, and better management of the content on this site. I'm trying to get more time making stuff instead of working on this site's new look, and I think this tool will help me do this. At least, the blog aspect of this site. Please, take a look, and give me some feedback on what you think. I'm having some formatting issues right now, so the videos don't display the way I want them to.

Updates,and News
[Update 2-April-2010]

Then end ishere. Well, at least for some of my molds are concerned. The6-piece resin kits I've been offering of the Sterling L2A3 parts,are now gone. The molds are dead, and I do no plan on offeringthem again. I still have the original parts that I can use tomake new molds from but unless the situation changes,I can not afford to remake the molds. Thanks to everyone whohas ordered these kits from me in the past. I knew this day wouldcome and it makes me sad. Maybe, if the economy picks up, I canafford to remake some new molds, who knows.

At the sametime, I realized I am out of RFT kits set aside for the finishedhelmets. I am no longer takingorders on the finished helmets,except for special order only. Thanks to everyone who ordereda finished helmet from me over the past few years. The RFT kitswill be available for a while longer, or as long as I can keepmaking them, but the finished helmets are no more. I hope everyoneunderstands. And if the Rebel Legion needs me to, I can stepback in and do some more, but for now, I am out of the game.

Updates,and News
[Update 26-JANUARY-2010]

I've been reallybusy withsome badly needed home improvementprojects since my last update. We had a storm that cause ourroof to leak, so we have been working with our insurance to getthis fixed. That lead to a new hot water heater and some otherissues. Finally I got that mess taken care of. 2010 I hope isbetter than 2009. It looks like I'm out of the Endor CommandoDonut Decals and I don't know if I can get any more made or not.I'm working on that right now, but my vinyl decal guy is kindof hard to get to respond to my emails.

And my supplierof Wells MR722 airsoft guns no longer list's them as available.I may have found another supplier but my cost is going to doubleif I have to use them. Not sure I'm going to be able to providethese much longer. My E-11 molds are pretty badly worn and I'mdown to my last couple of sets, so I'm not planning on makingany more for a while. I know some of this sounds like bad news, butit really is just a good way to reassess what my core projectsshould be. Time for me to focus on the fan film once again, andget the last few props ready for this. Including the resin lewisgun project and some camera equipment. I still have a workingvacuum form machine, and most of the molds for the RFT helmets, Commando Donuts, and some surviving TK armor, so I can stilloffer these parts as needed. Lots more work to be done.

Updates,and News
[Update 26-NOVEMBER-2009]

I've been reworkinga few molds, and the first one is the thermal detonator controlpanel. My old mold just did not hold up well, and I had beengetting a few requests to make it available in a format thatcould be used for a sandtrooper back pack part. So, now, I havea new, limited run of these version 2.0 TD control panels thatthe user can customize for their specific needs. These will beoffered as a kit that you simply trim out. Check it out on thecatalog page.


Any US ordersplaced after December 11, I can not guarantee delivery beforeChristmas. International orders, the deadline for Christmas deliveryis December 7.

Updates,and News
[Update 01-OCTOBER-2009]

I've been workingon some additional RFT helmet kits, and a few new surprizes. Reminder:any order placed after October 15, I cannot guarantee delivery before Halloween, October 31.

Recent News
[Update 09-JUNE-2009]

I've been workingon some Endor/Hoth back pack parts, as per requested from a RebelLegion member, Lonescout. Here is a sneak peek at the part:

pack tubes

and some more pics of the part, from left to right, sample fromLonescout, the pattern, mold [back]and test castings:

sample pack tubes

If anyone isinterested in these, please let me know. Lonescout is planninga limited run of packs, and I will be offering these tube assemblies.In addition, I've been reworking the ear molds for the EndorCommando soft cap, as per requested from Donna at the SunriderBase. These will be formed in a thinner plastic, with a deeperedge molding detail. I should have these ready to deliver ina few weeks.

The fan filmis on Summer hiatus, and I don't know when we will get back towork on it. Much of these current projects are 'back water' itemswe could use on the film, and with some other productions downthe road.

I'm also workingon some 1/6th scale projects. The big one is the GIjOE ATV. Hereis a sneak peek:

ATV top shell


ATV bottom shell

Notice thesoft edge details. Thats something I'm having to work out, andthats causing a big delay. I've already made the hand rails,and now Cotswold is selling their own reproductions! Next upis a set of replacement wheels!

Finally, I'mreworking the catalog page with some updated products. CatalogPage. Oh, and I'm now on Twitter. Follow me here.

[Update 06-APRIL-2009]

I've been busyreworking the Endor Commando blaster molds, and have startedcasting the first run requested by the Endor Bunker. The firsthalf of this order should go out this week. Man, these kits takea lot of resin! I ran out, using two gallons of material on 6kits. I way underestimated the amount of materials not only theresin, but the silicone as well. Oh well. For now, there is asign-up list for slots in the second run. You can get on thelist here: http://movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/endorbunker/[note:membership is required to access the sign-up page. Contact farfel51@hotmail.comfor registration details.] If we can't fill the second run of10, I will start offering the kits through the catalog page thisSummer. Right now, it's an exclusive for the Endor Bunker members,and anyone wanting to join their ranks.

In addition,I've been moving some things around, and getting organized. Andthis month Herb and I plan to do some filming for the LastGarrison.This may be the last time we get a chance to finish up the criticallive action sequences for a while. We are going to try and filmon April 18, assuming the weather cooperates. Herb has enlistedthe help of the SFAFilm School students for help in these actionpacked sequences. I'll be involved as a technical advisor, cameraoperator, prop and costume provider, and maybe, just maybe acameo role. We had to cut out some scenes, and scale back thescope of the project, mainly due to conflicting schedules andmoney. The good news is, I hope to have some footage to workwith, as Herb is working on his own vision of the film. We willend up sharing the CGI footage for bothversions.

I'm still workingon the Adventure Team 6-wheel ATV project in 1/6th scale. I'vebeen trying to get these other projects out of the way first.

Bythe way, you can find me on Facebook.


Recent Updates
[Update 06-MARCH-2009]

Work on thehouse iscomplete. Now, finally, I can get back to work on somefun projects! I've been asked to help the Endor Bunker on a secondrun of A281 Endor Commando Blaster kits, this time, the moldswill be made from 'good' quality silicone. I tried some cheapermaterial, that was ok, but did not hold up well. As a result,those molds were heavily damaged and can not be salvaged. I'llbe going back to my old, tried and true, PolyTec, PlasSil 71-20for these new molds. In addition to the Endor Commando Blasterkits, I'm also working in 1/6th scale. I'm recreating the 1970'svintage GIjOE 6-wheel ATV. It will ultimately become a vacuumformed part, but getting to the point where I can create thenegative mold, is taking me much longer than expected. I attendeda GIjOE convention in February, and met some really neat folks.They have inspired me to see this project through.

In other news,I've changed the registration process on the discussion board,and we are slowly heading towards a new version of that forumsoftware. I'm also going to shut down the other web site. I justcan't afford to host two sites, and I now have enough serverspace, to host both on this site. When my hosting plan runs outin a few months, www.imperial-armor.com will be no more. So long,farewell.

I've also beenworking on some other 'art' projects, that I hope I can sharesoon. Top secret for now. And the fan film is still on boardfor some live action shooting this Spring. Just as soon as weget some foliage back. If we fail the get the needed shots thisSpring, then the future of that project will be in serious doubt.I've also been busy with an AR project that I hope to finishup soon, I will report the results as soon as I can.

Older News
[Update 21-NOVEMBER-2008]

Work on thehouse is almost complete. We now have a new working bathroom!I hope another hard weekend, and we will be done with the project.This has me really far behind on other projects. One thinghas taken place with the fan film, and that is some new blood.We hope to have a condensed script and finish the live actionfilming this Spring. I hope so. This film project is taking waylonger than I ever thought it would. A special thanks to Herbfor spear-heading this effort.

Here is a picof some of the gang at this year's Scare on the Square:

Imagecourtesy Greg PattersonStudios.

In other news,www.TK560.com made it on AMC's 'Sci-fi Site of the Week'.Yea. Here is a link: AMCSOTW Blog.

Finally, Ihave redone some things to better organize the catalogpage.Many of the items are now sold out, and unless demand for theseitems returns, I won't be doing any more. I'm afraid economichard times have hit home, and most likley after the first ofthe year, the items found on the catalog page will become a specialrequest only/ special order sort of deal only.

Older News
[Update 24-SEPT-2008]

Power has beenrestored, and I'm finally able to catch up on some projects.I'm working as fast as I can to catch up with everything. I shouldhave some images posted soon. I to try and finish up some workon the house, not related to the storm this weekend, and returnto a more productive schedule then. I am planning a site rework,nothing too drastic, but I need to clean-up this place a bit.

Older News
[Update 18-SEPT-2008]

Hurrican Ikeslammed the East Texas area on 13 September, 2008. We were lucky,and only lost power, had one tree fall on the house, and onlyone hole in the roof. You would think that some 200 miles inland,we would not have hurricane events. This is the second one inthree years, the last one was Rita in 2005. We were out of electricityfor seven days then, and we are on day six now with the damagethanks to Ike. I'll post some pics of the debris just as soonas I can get some power at the house. Until then, I have to say,that it's like camping, but in your home. The wife and kids aretaking it all well, and the neighborhood has banded to getherfor evening meals, trying to cook food that would spoil otherwise.I'll get back to props and vacuum forming as soon as I can. Foranyone who has ordered from me recently, I'll get your ordersout as soon as I can.

Updates,and News
[Update 27-AUG-2008]

Wow! Just ,wow. Has it really been nearly four months since my last update?I guess it has. I've been really busy with non-prop or costumerelated projects and I guess thats where my time has been spent.I've started adding on to the house, and we re-did the driveway.In the future, I hope to add a car port too! The Summer timeoff has really gone by fast. I had wanted to get some filmingdone, and spend the time working on some sixthscale projects,but that did not happen. Well, the filming did not happen. Iguess thats the sad new. Much of the film crew that started onthis fan film have moved on to other interests, and that hasreally slowed down the project. Maybe this Fall, some new folkswill get recruited, and we can continue on with the film project.

Additionally,I've been having some issues with some of the art materials usedto cast parts with, specifically the urethane resin. I'm reallycutting back on dealing with that stuff. My skin just can't takemuch exposure to it. So be careful if you are messing with thatstuff. My stockpile of spare E-11 parts is gone, and I only havea handfull of kits left, and when these last few are gone, Iwon't do anymore. I may have another option available, but Idon't want to give away my secrets just yet.

In the sixthscalenews, as many of you know I'm a big vintage GIjOE fan. The yellowAdventure Team ATV has been a favorite of mine for many years,and I've decided to bring that classic toy up to date, fix someissues GIjOE fans had with the vintage ones, and offer some customparts. So stay tuned in the GIjOE section for updates on thisclassic toy. It's going to be an adventure!

The final version after painting. Click image.

Project: X-wing Pilot Chestbox

The X-wing pilot chest box. Soon, I'll get the X-wing helmet sculpt going, and then get started on the rest of the costume. If anyone can help with the sewing on the vest, and conversion of the flight suit, please let me know! email

I still need to get the dishwasher drain hose, and the green military strapping material. Left is the prototype with rocker switches,

Click on the image for a larger verison. Its kind of funny how this thing is put together. The round 'greeblie' is actually a notebook paper hole repair sticker, and the red dots on the rocker switches are hole punches made with red paper.

The strapping material is OD green from the Army/navy store, and snap fasteners will be applied to hold this on to the wearer. The hose will have to be attached both at the chest box, AND the flight suit. Not sure how to do either end. Most likley, I will use an 'elbow connector inside the chest box and mount that to the back plate. Then cut a hoe in the base of the chestbox and route the hose out the bottom. This will give a good sturdy appearance.

Note, the large dial is actually a thumbwheel from an old Star Trek phaser kit.

Special thanks to RPF memeber "Badger" for helping me with this project.

Pleasevisit the Catalog Page foradditional information.

We are working on some upgrades to these helmets, including see through visors, a better helmet liner, and antannae. Stay tuned for more details. Improved comm box, and chincup have already been made.


Fleet Trooper Helmets [Limited Supply]
Vacuum formed versions of the RFT helmet, straight from the fan film!

Here is a shot of the latest prop, the Rebel Fleet Trooper helmet. Sometimes called 'Rebel Blockade Runner'. This is based on a mold taken from an actual WWII US Navy Mark II 'Talker' helmet, and 3 custom made vac-form molds. The communication box, the rear swoop, and the chin cup.

If you want to know more, email me. We made these for the fan film. Now, for a limited time, you can get one. These were to be used in the fan film, but due to budget over-runs, we can only have a limited the number of Fleet Troopers. Here is your chance to get one of the extra helmets from the production.

Please visit the Catalog Page for additional information.

Here is a pic of the resin parts I have, and what they look like mounted on a piece of PVC, primed and then finally painted: Click on the picture for a larger view.


E-11 Blaster Parts Kit [Limited Supply]
Resin versions of the hard to make blaster parts

The original plan for the fan film was to have 20 troopers in some large scale battles, much like that of the old WWII movies. I started making the blasters for the 20 troopers, then a production decision was made to reduce the number of trooper by half. So, I am left with a bunch of these resin parts, and if you need any let me know [email me]. These were made to speed up the blaster making for the fan film, and as a film prop, they do have minor air bubbles, and flashing that need to be cleaned up. An easy job for the scratch-built blaster project. These were cast from a real L2A3 Sterling, M38 scope, and counter box. [non-logo version]. Supplies are almost gone! Get them while you can! I don't plan to make any more.

Please visit the Catalog Page for more informaiton.


Older Stories
Some of the older featured projects can be found here.

Latest suits finished. TK560 [me] on the left and TK652 on the right. Click on the image for a larger version.

Build Your Own Stormtrooper

Back in August 2002 I started on a project; to create my own Star Wars Imperial Stormtrooper armor from scratch. Now, over 28 months later, and countless hours research, trial and error reverse-engineering and hard work, I finally have reached a point where, I have a complete set of armor molds made. This pic shows TK560, on the left, and TK652 on the right. The suit scales pretty well for a person from 5' 5" to 6' 2" [me].

What does it take to make a stormtrooper costume? Well, the process is a complex one but not beyond what a fan can do in his spare time, and a few square feet in the garage. The first step is the vacuum forming machine. I must have made 4 different machines before I got one lagre enough to pull this project. The second step is the molds. Different techniques have been used by other fans to make their trooper armor, but for me, I took advice from a fellow RPF board memeber, Phil G. aka Blaxmyth, and used MDF and Bondo to make the molds. The final step is to pull the plastic, trim out the parts, paint and add details.

Its been a long road, and the trip is still not over, but I can see the the light at the end of the tunnel! Click here for details.

Home Built Vacuform table #4.

This machine is the production version capable of making all the trooper parts, including the large chest molds and abdomen parts. It's powered by a 3hp shop vac, and a 30amp 110v heater.

Make your own Vacuform Machine

When I first got into building hand props, I soon realized several technologies would be necessary to make these props as realistic as possible: wood working, mold building, resin casting, white-metal casting, and vacuforming/thermaform would need to be mastered. From my old fine arts days, I could build the molds, woodworking was not a challenge because I have access to the necessary tools, and thanks to products like Pour-a-Kast, and RTV silicone molds, that part of prop construction was fairly easy. However, I wanted to be able to make parts like the shells of a Star Trek communicator, or the Tricorder among other items. This required me to construct a vacuform machine. Also, I wanted to make my own version of a Stormtrooper armor set, moulds and all so that I could build a SandTrooper garrison, for a fan film. I knew I would have to start out small. Do you want to know more about vacuum forming? Check out the video.

Tricorder prop replica

From Star Trek [the original series, 1966-1969], this is the first in a series of classic sci-fi props to be featured on www.tK560.com. Originally conceived by Matt Jefferies, and designed and built by Wah Chang for Pramount Studios to give Gene Roddenberry's new science fiction TV series, Star Trek, a "utilitarian" look. The replica here is as close to the original prop you are going to find. Straight from Roddenberry.com's online store, these $250 kits require several hours to build, but are worth every penny and every minute. Click here to see some more details on this truly outstanding prop replica. Unfortunately, Roddenberry.com no longer sells this great prop kit. Master Replicas now sells a "working" version. Get ready to crack open our piggy bank! Currently, I'm researching a way to add a working viewscreen using an old video camera. I have a 23 Century Science Recorder kit that just might work. Stay tuned for updates. Note, the backlog on props has increased! Now I have 4 phasers to make, 2 communicators to rebuild, a tricorder, Viper Pilot, and X-wing Pilot helmets, A complete Boba Fett costume, and a M41-a 'stunt' pulse rifle. Not to mention the vacuform machine and the stormtrooper armor!

Aliens Colonial Marine M41-A Pulse Rifle Prop Replica

From the 1986 James Cameron movie, Aliens. UPDATE: Project is finished. Man this the M41-A is a beast. It weights a ton. Biggest thing in my prop collection. Some fatigue in the shrouds has to be addressed, a resin pour to reinforce the shrouds will be required. Only thing left to do is add a real counter, but my "photoshop" version looks decent, and requires no batteries! There is a debate on the true colors of the shroud, so I went with an "idealized" color. The filming version were a bess brown, that in the lightingsituations used in the film, appeared OD green.

M41-A Pulse Rifle replica prop




Makers of some really cool stuff, like iPods, MacBooks and the Intel-based MacPro. They also make some great software, like iMovie, OSX, iTunes, and Garageband. Oh, yea, the new MacBook Pros,can run Windows XP.

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